While long acrylic nails are, to some, something that limits one’s ability to do things, wearing them actualizes another form of power – the power in femininity.

This incredible project was only going to be made possible by involving those we wished to represent at every level of the production. With a cast of predominantly femme and female talent, many of whom are also people of colour, ‘Let’s Circle Back’ seeks to place the spotlight back on the originators of a now-global trend and to showcase the power and control these women still have – even if it was not always recognised or appreciated.

Photographer: Tereza Mundilová
Art Director: Zoe Spurgeon
Director of Photography: Hee-Seong Han
Director of Photography Assistant: Sonjay Williams
Set Stylist: Sandro De Mauro
Stylist: Olive Duran
Make-Up Artist: Leana Ardeleanu
Directress & Casting: Tsellot Melesse
Creative Production: Catherine Hammick
Concept & Production Assistant: Jarrod Baddeliyanage
Film Edit: Pablo Betas
Music: Ro Stambuk
Concept: Charissa Chioccarelli & Magdalena Bonamin at ISLA Berlin
Nail Artist: Maddy Ayers at ISLA Berlin
Talents: Ish, Yha Yha, Smilla Marcussen
Studio: Deadline Studio